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Crossroads '23

In 1904 the world gathered in St. Louis to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase.

The Worlds Fair was a celebration of the past and an exhibition of new technologies like X-rays, electrical plugs and outlets, and a primitive fax machine. It was a place to see the world and catch a glimpse of the future shaped by innovation.

PlannerDAO is taking its turn to educate financial professionals about the digital asset evolution today. More than just a speculative new asset class, we invite you to learn how this new technology is building the digital infrastructure for the next generation.


April 23rd - 25th, 2023


The Chase Park Plaza Royal Sonesta Hotel - St. Louis, MO


Because tax season will be over, and you deserve a refreshing conversation about digital assets

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The Chase Park Plaza Royal Sonesta Hotel
212 N Kingshighway Blvd, St. Louis, Missouri 63108


Do I need to be a CryptoNerd to attend Crossroads?

Absolutely not. Crossroads will have beginner and advanced sessions to match your current level of blockchain skill. All advisors who are curious about the future of our profession should attend Crossroads '23.

Is the conference all about crypto?

No, the conference is all about your clients. Digital assets and cryptocurrency are relevant only to the extent they can improve or simplify your clients' lives. Any forward-thinking technology or solution is a fit for Crossroads and the PlannerDAO community.

How was the conference last year?

Awesome. It was advertised as the "anti-conference" because PlannerDAO is building solutions for advisors from the ground up.

We expect significant growth this year, but it's still small enough that you will feel comfortable interacting with the presenters and fellow advisors.

Who are the speakers? Can I present my Bitcoin candlestick charts?

The speakers are leaders in the digital asset space who have practical knowledge about how to apply blockchain solutions to an RIA firm. Speakers are unpaid and volunteer for the love of crypto. If you have a topic you would like to present, please get in touch with us (unless it's technical analysis).

Is Crossroads a typical advisor conference?

No. Our goal is to make Crossroads as interactive as possible. We do this by offering workshops, Sandbox Sessions, and encouraging all of our presenters to incorporate as much "hands-on" learning as possible.