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The Certified Digital Asset Advisor program was established in 2020 as the leading provider of Digital Asset education for financial advisors in the US.

We are committed to building a community of advisors who want to build a safe, scalable model to help clients invest in digital assets.

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The Crossroads by PlannerDAO

Crossroads is the leading digital asset conference for financial advisors, bridging the divide between traditional and decentralized finance.

Our community-owned conference lets advisors decide how to spend their time, and their tokens.

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The PDAO Index

The PlannerDAO Digital Asset Opportunity Index is the only on-chain index managed by a group of professional, licensed fiduciaries.

With total transparency, zero management fees, and exposure to all market sectors, the PDAO Index provides economic freedom to every corner of the world.

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A global community of 1,200+ financial professionals driving the industry forward.

We're committed to bringing the digital asset revolution to all people.

Our conversations happen in public, and our projects are built to benefit everyone.

We default to the most transparent, decentralized, and permissionless solutions possible and our mission is to equip everyone on earth with the education, tools, and strategies to live the life they were meant to.

For Advisors

The digital shift is underway.

We are living through a time of rapid change in technology, economic policy, and access to capital.

Finding the “right” solution for our clients is not as clear as it used to be.

Our community is here to build the tools and resources necessary to navigate the economy and continue delivering fiduciary solutions to our clients.  

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